Acero inoxidable

Stainless steel is widely used in the decoration engineering industry because of its strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical properties, long-lasting surface layer discoloration, and color changes with different illumination angles. For example, in the decoration and decoration of local buildings such as various clubs and public public leisure places, it is used as an application material for decorative objects such as curtain walls, hall walls, elevator decoration, signboard advertisements, and front screens. However, if the stainless steel plate is made into stainless steel products, it is a very complicated technical activity, and many processes are required in the production process, such as cutting, bending, bending, welding and other mechanical processing. Among them, the cutting process is a more important process. There are many traditional processing methods for stainless steel cutting, but the efficiency is low, the forming quality is poor, and the demand for mass production is rarely met.

At present, laser cutting machines are widely used in the metal processing industry due to their good beam quality, high precision, small slits, smooth cutting surfaces, and flexibility to cut arbitrary graphics. The decoration engineering industry is no exception. The laser cutting system is constantly improving. High and new technology and information technology, compared with another revolution of traditional machinery manufacturing technology, have exerted a huge boost to the stainless steel decoration engineering industry. With the increasingly fierce market competition, this technology will play an increasingly important role and bring huge economic benefits.

Material Cutting machine watt Max cutting thickness
Acero inoxidable 500 vatios. Tres milímetros.
Acero inoxidable 750 vatios. 4 mm.
Acero inoxidable 1.000 vatios. 5 mm.
Acero inoxidable 1200 vatios. 5 mm.
Acero inoxidable 1.500 vatios. Seis milímetros.
Acero inoxidable 2000 vatios. 8 mm.
Acero inoxidable 3.000 vatios. 10 mm.